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Discovering New Craft Beers

Craft Beer - organatan - July 13, 2021

Discovering New Craft Beers

Beer drinkers have become more discerning and grabbing a six-pack of Coors at the local convenience store just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Not only do beer drinkers want more variety and flavorful beers, but they also combine this with wanting to shop local.  That is one of the reasons for the rise and success of microbreweries all over the world.  There is a certain appeal to consumers about trying a beer that has been brewed in a more old-fashioned and traditional way.  Half the fun of being a craft beer aficionado is discovering new craft beers, let us show you how to do just that.

The Grocery Store

If your local supermarket has a decent selection of wines then you can expect it to have a decent selection of local beers.  As local craft beer grows in popularity, then the store is more likely to carry the brand to appease their customers.  Don’t just walk by the alcohol section thinking there is nothing there you’re going to like, take a moment and browse and maybe give something new a try.

Local Restaurants and Bistros

Pubs, gastropubs, and even your neighborhood sports bar will all have large selections of craft beer, both in bottles and on tap.  Your server can make recommendations on what beer goes well with what meals, just like they do for wine.  Local breweries even have restaurants attached where you can have a meal while trying out their offerings.

Specialty Stores

There are stores now that specialize in bringing beer from all over the world.  Want to try beer brewed in Nepal…no problem.  Buying local is great and you should absolutely support a local microbrewery, at the same time, there is nothing wrong with trying a brewing recipe from Belgium that is hundreds of years old.

Beer of the Month Club

Yes, that’s really a thing.  If you can’t get a good selection of microbrews then hit the internet and join a beer of the month club.  This is also ideal if you have no idea where to start to pick a new brew to taste.  If you have a beer lover in the family then this makes the perfect gift.

Discovering your new favorite beer is always exciting, but it is not always as easy as a trip to the store.  Explore around your town to see what’s available and then try looking for some great beers online and give them a try.

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